Where to Eat in Sheffield

Where to Eat in SheffieldThere are differing parts to Sheffield (with plenty of industry and commerce and a fascinating history), and if you don’t have time to explore the city in its entirety, you’re likely to miss out on some exciting places to eat. Sheffield is an extremely vibrant city with lots of differing cultures converging in the area, and seemingly endless choices of places to eat, drink and relax. Here are just a few places which you might want to think about checking out:

  • Smoke BBQ – BBQ food
  • Aagrah – Indian
  • Smokin Jo’s Diner – American

Smoke BBQ

Situated in the very popular St.Paul’s Place, do not go to Smoke BBQ if you aren’t hungry – the portions are plenty! There’s a very rustic and open feel to Smoke, with trendy staff and furniture, and your food will come served on what seems like an American tin plate that was buried in the Civil War. Regardless of when you visit, be prepared to leave smelling like you’ve been to the first summer barbecue!


Leopold Square is another trendy hangout in Sheffield, with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. Aagrah’s reputation preceeds itself though, being part of an already established popular chain. It’s a traditional Indian restaurant with dishes to suit all requirements and allergies. Make sure you try to tie your visit in with their buffet evenings, where you can eat to your heart’s content for a fixed price!

Smokin Jo’s Diner

The menu at Smokin Jo’s is rammed full and you’ll be spoiled for choice – while in Yorkshire, this could be the perfect time to grab a traditional ‘Chips ‘n’ Gravy’ dish and chances are that’s all you’ll need. Try not to be overwhelmed by the choices on offer and if you’re unsure what to choose, close your eyes and point! Definitely a ‘greasy spoon’, with cheap prices and large portions.